2011 Historical Papers (eds. Brian Gobbett, Bruce L. Guenther, Robynne Rogers Healey)

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An article that was accidently shortened during the editing process of Historical Papers 2010 is being republished here in its entirety. We sincerely apologize to the author for any inconvenience

Please Note
The following papers were presented to the Canadian Society of Church History in 2011, but were not made available for publication: Bruce Douville, “Back to the Garden (Again): Re-examining the Jesus People Movement in Toronto”; Russell Prime, “The Church and the Magistrate: Glimpses of Church-State Relations in a New Brunswick Coastal Community, 1880-1930”; Robert Dennis, “The Douglas Chair in Canadian and Colonial History: Philanthropy, Secularization, and Restructuring Queen’s University in the Early Twentieth Century”; Mark A. Noll, “The History of the Bible in Canada and the United States”; Marguerite Van Die, “‘Beyond the Protestant Nation’: U.S. Historiographical Debate and Canadian Narratives of Religion and Society”; Joel Kropf, “The Practicality of the Common Good: Catholic Moral Reasoning, the Postwar Instrumentalist Mentality, and the Canadian Death-Penalty Debate”; Margie Patrick, “The Nature of Canada’s Religious Right: The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and Evangelical Political Engagement”; Ji-il Tark, “Canadian Missions for Koreans in North-East Asia, 1898- 1942”; Gordon Heath, “Canadian Churches and War: An Introductory Essay and Annotated Bibliography”; and Stephen Dutcher, “Eastern Co-op Services and the Post-World War Two Legacy of the Antigonish Movement.”

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