2009 Historical Papers (eds. Brian Gobbett, Bruce L. Guenther and Robynne Rogers Healey)

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Please Note
The following papers were presented to the Canadian Society of Church History in 2009, but were not made available for publication: Michael Friesen, “Draft Resistance and the Politics of Gender: A Life History Approach to Understanding Mennonites, Anti-Militarism and Masculinity in the United States during the Vietnam War”; Bruce Douville, “Spiritual Midwife? Liberal Christianity and the Origins of the Canadian New Left”; Marlene Epp, “Preachers, Prophets, and Missionaries: The dichotomous religious lives of Mennonite women in Canada”; William Klassen, “Pilgram Marpeck (1495-1556)”; J. Richard Middleton and David Belles, “Variant Eschatologies in the Great Awakenings and the Social Gospel: Case Studies in Jonathan Edwards, Dwight L. Moody and Walter Rauschenbusch”; Darren Schmidt, “Reviving the Past: Eighteenth-Century Evangelical Interpretations of Church History”; Stephen Fai, “St. Michael of Ponass Lakes, Saskatchewan: Icon, Architecture, and Material Imagination”; Iain Edgehill, “The Religious and Theological Elements in Caribbean Slave Revolts”; Brian Froese, “Contrasting Visions of Mission: Mennonite Social Activism and Mennonite Brethren Evangelicalism in Post-War British Columbia”; Andrew Eason, “The Salvation Army and the Sacraments in Victorian England: Retracing the Steps to Non-Observance”; and Donna Kerfoot, “Florence Nightingale’s ‘Way of Perfection’ in Nineteenth-Century England”; presentations by A.B. McKillop and Ian McKay on Richard Allan’s The View from Murney Tower: Salem Bland, the Late Victorian Controversies, and the Search for a New Christianity; and presentations by Linda Ambrose, Sam Reimer, and Robert Choquette on a collection of essays edited by Michael Wilkinson entitled Canadian Pentecostalism: Transition and Transformation.

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