2004 Historical Papers (ed. Bruce L. Guenther)

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The following papers were presented to the Canadian Society of Church History, but were not made available for publication: Royden Loewen ( “Snow Drift, Dust Bowl, Rain Forest: A Comparative Mennonite Environmental History”); Gerry Ediger (“Extending Bridges, Erecting Barriers, Exploiting Language: Manitoba Mennonite Brethren in the 1950s”); John J. Friesen (“The Changing Face of Manitoba Mennonites, 1870s to the present”); Tim Foran (“Frontiere decatholicite: Oblates and the Fashioning of Ethnic Relations in Catholic Parishes of Southern Alberta, 1905-1924”); Brian Gobbett (“The Descent of Man: John William Dawson and the Mosaic Interpretation of the Prehistoric Past”); Denise Fuchs (“The Letters of John Macallum at the Red River Academy”); Roderick MacLeod (“Proving ‘Worthy of Advancement’: Class, Gender, and Changing Expectations of Secondary Schooling in Anglo-Protestant Montreal”); Timothy G.Pearson (“Grace and Good Works: Jesuit Mission Teaching in the Relations, 1632-1650”); Sachiyo Takashima (“Charles Samuel Eby and the effort to establish an Interdenominational University in Japan”); and the presidential address by Gordon Heath (“‘Citizens of that Mighty Empire’: Imperial Sentiment among Students at Wesley College, 1897-1902”).

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