2000 Historical Papers (ed. Bruce L. Guenther)

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Please Note
The paper presented by Lucille Marr, “Ontario’s Conference of Historic Peace Church Families and the ‘Joy of Service,’” may be found in the Mennonite Quarterly Review (forthcoming). A revised version of the paper presented by Douglas H. Shantz, “The Master Work of a Minor Prophet: The Literary Career of German Court Pietist Court Preacher Conrad Bröske,” may be found in the Festschrift für Prof. Dr. Hans Schneider, to be published and presented to him in July 2001. The volume will appear in the series “Quellen und Studien zur hessischen Kirchengeschichte.” The papers by Elsie Watts (“From YMCA to University 101: Secularization and the University of South Carolina after 1945”) and Thomas W. Evans (“British Religious Experiences in Nineteenth-Century New Brunswick”) were not made available for publication


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