1992 Historical Papers (ed. Bruce L. Guenther)

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PANEL DISCUSSION: How Ought Church Historians to do Church History?

Please Note
1. The paper presented by John G. Stackhouse, Jr., “More than a Hyphen: Twentieth-Century Canadian Evangelicalism in Anglo-American Context,” will be published in Amazing Grace: Studies on Evangelicalism in the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, and Beyond, eds. George A. Rawlyk and Mark A. Noll (forthcoming).

2. The paper presented by Norman C. Cornett, “Lionel Groulx’s Synthesis of the ‘Universal’ and the ‘Particular,’” appeared in ARC: The Journal of the Faculty of Religious Studies 19 (1991): 87-107. A revised version is forthcoming in Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses.

3. The paper presented by Sharon Anne Cook, “‘Sowing Seed For The Master’: The Ontario W.C.T.U. and Evangelical Feminism, 1874-1930,” has been submitted for publication to Canadian Historical Review.


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