2017-2018 Executive

President: James Robertson

Past-President: Lucille Marr

Vice President / Program Chair: Stuart Barnard

Administrative Secretary: Robynne Rogers Healey

Treasurer: John Young

Local Arrangements (Calgary): Brian Gobbett 

HSSFC Rep: Bruce Douville

Members at Large: Keith Grant, Sharon Bowler, Sheng-Ping Guo, Rebecca Faye Ralph, Sandra Beardsall

Historical Papers editors: Bruce Guenther; Todd Webb; Marilyn Fardig Whiteley

Webmaster: Stuart Barnard

Past-President: Marguerite Van Die
President: Ruth Compton Brouwer
Vice President (Program): Darren Schmidt
Secretary/Membership: Robynne Rogers Healey (1st year of a 2-year term)
Treasurer: John Young (2nd year of a 2-year term)
Equity Access: Marilyn Whiteley
James Robertson
Todd Webb
Donna Kerfoot
Bruce Douville
Sandra Beardsall
Webmaster: James Opp
CFHSS Representative: Todd Webb
CCSR Representative: Donna Kerfoot
Historical Papers editors: Brian Gobbett, Bruce Guenther, Robynne Rogers Healey
Local Arrangements: Philip Griffin-Allwood