2012 Annual Meeting

Canadian Society of Church History

Program 2012, University of Waterloo

Room 4040, Mathematics and Computer Science Building, South Campus

On Site Conference Co-ordinator:    Donna Kerfoot (University of Trinity College)
Program Chair:    Mark McGowan (St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto)

Sunday, May 27

12:30  Welcome from the President, Announcements

12:45-2:15     Session 1 Religion and Conflict in a Modern Age

Chair:  Donna Kerfoot (University of Trinity College)

Ian Hesketh (Queen’s University) “Frederick Temple and the Essays and Reviews Controversy”

Geoff Read (Huron University College) “Echoes of 1905—Catholic-Secular Conflict in Interwar France, 1919-1940”

Todd Webb (Laurentian University) “’Calm Determination and Cool Brains’: Mary Chesnut’s God in Peace and War.”

2:15-2:30       Break

2:30-4:00       Session 2 Profiles in Christian Life and Spirituality

Chair: Ruth C Brouwer (Kings University, Western University, London)

Donna Kerfoot, (Trinity College, TST) “Florence Nightengale: Mystic or Moralist?

Marilyn Fardig Whiteley (Guelph, Ontario) “The Life of Isabel Crawford: More Than I Asked For.”

Douglas Shantz, (University of Calgary) “ Carl Friedrich Bahrdt (1741-1792): Pietism, Enlightenment, and the Sense of Self in Early Modern Germany”

4:15-5:00       First Business Meeting

5:00                Presidential Reception, University of Waterloo Physical Activities Centre

Monday, May 28th

8:45- 10:30  Session 3: Aspects of Christianity, Education and Youth

Chair: Marguerite Van Die (Queens University, Kingston)

Patricia Kmiec, (OISE, UT) “Parading the Children: The Interdenominational leisure Activities of Ontario’s Protestant Sunday Schools,1811-1871.”

Jessica Vanderheide (Trinity Western University) “College Has been the Means of My Conversion: The Empowering Role of Evangelicalism in Southern Women’s Colleges, 1800-1865”

Amy Von Heyking (University of Lethbridge) “‘It is a privilege to have a Christian Government’: William Aberhart and the Place of Religion in Alberta’s Public Schools.”

10:30-10:45   Break

10:45-11:30   Session 4: Presidential Address: Darren W. Schmidt (Kings University College, Edmonton)

11:30-1:00     Lunch

1:00- 2:45      Session 5 Special Panel in anticipation of Canadian Churches and the First World War

Chair: Phyllis Airhart (Emmanuel College, Victoria University)

Stuart MacDonald (Knox College, TST) “Myth Meets Reality: Canadian Presbyterians and the Great War.”

Lucille Marr (McGill University), “Church Women, the Home Front, and the Great War.”

Gordon Heath (McMaster Divinity College) “Whatever Happened to the British Empire? A Canadian Baptist Case Study”

Melissa Davidson (McGill University) “Enduing the Cause with Righteousness: Canadian Anglican Views of the Great War, 1914-1918”

2:45-3:15       Break

3:15-4:45       Session 6: Joint Session CHA: Lions, Eagles and Christians—Oh My! Competing British and American Influences on Upper Canadian Churches in the Era of the War of 1812 (Mathematics & Computer Building, Room 2034)

Chair: Robynne Rogers Healey (Trinity Western University)

James T Robertson (McMaster Divinity College) “Anglican and Presbyterian Churches and a Loyalist Theology During the War of 1812.”

Scott McLaren (York University) “Rekindling the Canadian Fire: Print Culture and the Reconstruction of Upper Canadian Methodism After the War of 1812.”

Denis McKim (University of Toronto) “Contesting Christian Loyalty: Religion and Meanings of Britishness in Upper Canada.”

Commentator: Mark G McGowan (University of Toronto)

Tour at St. Jacobs and Annual Banquet (7pm)

Tuesday, May 29th

8:30-10:00    Session 7: Churches and Twentieth Century Social Realities

Chair: Stuart MacDonald (Knox College)

Robert Burkinshaw (Trinity Western University), “Crossroads for a Mission in BC: Esperanza General Hospital and Esperanza Ministry Centre, 1937-2012”

Sheila Redmond, (Algoma University) “Fear and Denial at the Crossroads: Where is the History of the “child abuse scandal” within the Roman Catholic Church?”

Robynne Rogers Healey (Trinity Western University) “Reconciling Approaches to Non-Violence and Apartheid: Pacifist Conflict among Friends in the 1970s and 1980s.”

10:00-10:15   Break

10:15-11:45   Session 8: Joint Session CCHA—Churches, and Reform in the Interwar Period (Room 5158 of Math & Computer Building)

Chair: Peter Meehan (Seneca College)

Megan Baxter (Western University), “Know God, Serve Others: Religion in the Canadian Girls in Training in the Interwar Years.”

Indre Cuplinskas (St. Joseph’s College, University of Alberta), “Doing it Rite: Catholic Action and Liturgical Renewal in Quebec”

Christo Aivalis (Queen’s University), “In Service of the Lowly Nazarene: The Canadian Labour Press and a Case for Radical Christianity, 1926-1939.”

11:45-1:00    Lunch

1:00-2:30      Session 9: Aspects of 19th Century Protestantism

Chair: Sandra Beardsall (St. Andrew’s College, Saskatoon Theological Union)

Andrew M. Eason, (Booth University College) “Missions, Race and Representation: The Salvation Army’s Portrayal of Africa and India in Victorian Britain”

Bruce Douville (Algoma University) “The Via Media and the Evangelical Road: The Attitudes of Anglican Church Newspapers in Canada West Towards American Slavery and Related Issues, 1837-65.”

Norman Knowles (St. Mary’s University College) “Betwixt and Between: The Liminal Life of Henry Bird Steinhauer.”

2:30-2:45      Break

2:45-3:45       Session 10: Christianity, World War II & Its Aftermath

Chair: John Young (Queen’s University)

Nathan Dirks (Niagara-On-The Lake, Ont) “A Unknown legacy: Canadian Mennonite Enlistments During the Second World War.”

James Enns (Prairie Bible College) “From Heartland of the Reformation to Post-Christian Mission Field: North American Conservative Protestants and the Mission to West Germany, 1945-1974”

3:45-4:45       Second Business Meeting

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